This is what some people had to say about the site Freebie Jeebies
David C. - About the Author:
I'm really glad I took the skeptism of 'Freebie Jeebies scam' off my head and finally Signed up to FreebieJeebies because I'm the one that's reaping the rewards now. I still need to buy PS 3 games, but whatever, I got a free console! Now, I'm going to set up a few more sites to get my 'free' Ipod, Iphone, Xbox 360 and TV sets to fill my room with, if you would excuse me?

Mark L.
Well, I was skeptical towards it myself, but the PlayStation 3 Slim 120GB needs only 11 referrers which was Duh for me (Too easy!) and I thought I'd just take 2 days out of my life to try it out for the sake of a PlayStation 3. After 2 weeks or so, I've managed to gather 11 valid referrers and completed the offer as required - low and behold my long-waited PlayStation 3 arrived after another 2 weeks' wait (Which takes only one month from start to end).

Joe N.
Hi, I signed up to FreebieJeebies today after seeing about it on BBC Watchdog, it is a legit site which you've clearly stated. I was wondering if you could please give me your tips on how you managed to get the referals? I really want an iPhone 3GS and this seems the best way.


Dave G.
This really is great, this totally cleared my mind, and made me decide to go ahead and Sign Up Im half way to a ps3 already and i've only been on it 3 days. I can't wait.

This probably seems to good to be true. When I first found FreebieJeebies in December 2008 while trying to get gifts for my family, I thought it was too. It's not... since then I have received over £1100 worth of freebies! It's made Christmas and Birthdays a lot less expensive at my house!