Do not sign up to the freebies site using fake information -This means you wont recieve your free gadgets and you will also be banned from the site because that is against terms and conditions.

Do not create multiple accounts - Doing this is against the freebies company terms and conditions and will result in you getting banned from the site.  You are only allowed one account per household. So for e.g if you wanted to refer a family member, they would have to be living at a different address from you.

Do not let people you refer sign up using your computer - This will result in the people you refer having the same IP address as you. This will look as if you are trying to create multiple accounts and you will be banned from the site.

Do not sign up from public locations (college, internet cafe, etc.) - There is a chance that someone has already signed up from that location, this means you would both have the same IP address. Again this is against T&C.

Do not try and scam the system in any way -They will find out and will result in you getting banned and you won't get your free gadgets.